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Aerospace Combustor Components
Combustor Cowl

Application: Dome plate for single aisle commercial jet engine.
Size: Diameter 16 in. (408 mm), Height 2 in. (50.8 mm)
Thickness: .032 in. (.8 mm)
Material: AMS 5599
Manufacturing Process: Hydroforming, press operations, spinning, and laser machining.

Sump Heat Shield

Application: Bearing Sump Housing
Size: Diameter 6 in. (152mm), Height 4.5 in. (114mm)
Thickness: .020 in. (.5mm)
Material: Nickel
Manufacturing Process: Hydroforming, laser machining, press operations.

Combustor Kit

Application: Combustion Chamber Components
Size: Diameter 32 in. (813mm), Height 2 in. (50mm)
Thickness: .050 in. (1.2mm)
Material: AMS 5608, AMS 5536
Manufacturing Process: Press work, expanding, laser and conventional machining.

Dome Plate

Application: Combustor
Size: Diameter 39 in. (991mm), Height1.5 in. (38mm)
Thickness: .060 in. (1.5mm)
Material: AMS 5599
Manufacturing Process: Press operations, laser machining, EDM, milling.

Heat Shield

Application: Heat Shield for jet engine
Size: Diameter 7 in. (178mm), Height 7 in. (178mm)
Thickness: .014 in. (0.4mm)
Material: AMS 5596
Manufacturing Process: Hydroforming, double acting hydraulic press forming, automatic
shell trimming, and multi-axis milling.

Combustor Dome

Application: Combustor Dome for military fighter engine
Size: Diameter 21 in. (533mm), Height 1.5 in. (38mm)
Thickness: .040 in. (1.0mm)
Material: AMS 5608
Manufacturing Process: Hydroforming, double-acting hydraulic press forming, multi-axis milling.