An ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified Company


For almost fifty years, the forming of precision metal components and assemblies has been Bomco’s core competency. Over these years Bomco has developed skills and techniques for hydroforming, deep drawing, spinning, expanding, roll forming, stamping , and CNC hydraulic press operations. With decades of experience using and improving these forming processes, Bomco’s manufacturing engineers can now select a combination of those manufacturing processes that is most efficient and cost-effective for a given component. All of the precision components and assemblies produced by Bomco for the aerospace, gas turbine and land/marine markets benefit from the efficiencies of Bomco’s metal forming capabilities.

Hydroforming 26 in. diameter blank
Deep Drawing 750 tons, 48×60 in. bed, 43 in. stroke
Spinning Manual Spinning to 120 in.
CNC Spinning to 60 in.
Expanding Expanding to 72 in.
Roll Forming Roll forming to 72 in.
Stamping up to 60 tons
CNC Hydraulic Press CNC 4 axis Hydraulic Press Braking to 72 in.
Industry Approvals (partial list) ISO 9001
AS 9100 Revision B


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