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Fifty Years Of Experience Producing Components For Aerospace

For over 50 years, Bomco, Inc.’s core business has been the manufacture of components and assemblies for the aerospace industry. As the design of jet engines and propulsion systems has evolved over the years, so has Bomco, Inc.’s capability to meet the demands of higher performance, advanced materials and rapid engine development. Today Bomco, Inc. has highly developed manufacturing techniques, a wide range of cost-effective manufacturing options, tooling designed and manufactured on-site and engineers multi-skilled and fully experienced with the concurrent product development process and the advantages of Unigraphics NX6 Design and Manufacturing.

Cost Effective Solutions For Aerospace Components

Bomco, Inc. has a thorough understanding of the material and performance requirements of components for jet engines and can offer cost-effective solutions for fixed and rotary wing commercial and military aircraft. Some examples include:

  • inlet ducts
  • bearing sumps
  • heat shields & flanges
  • combustor dome plates
  • active clearance control manifold
  • mixer nozzles
  • manifold housings
  • fairings
  • ducts
  • combustor chamber liners
  • combustion chambers cowls
  • exhaust cones
  • augmenter components

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Source Approvals For Manufacturing Aerospace Components

In the course of manufacturing aerospace components, Bomco, Inc. has received source approvals for fusion welding and laser beam machining from the following companies:

  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
  • General Electric
  • Snecma
  • Rolls Royce
  • Parker Aerospace Group
  • Hamilton Sunstrand
  • Honeywell Aerospace

For a complete listing of industry and source approvals, please see Capabilities.
Faster New Product Development, Cost Effective Manufacturing And On Time Deliveries

Bomco, Inc.’s customers have found that the customer-oriented, concurrent engineering process provides faster, better coordinated new product development, on-time deliveries and cost-effective manufacturing. Bomco, Inc.’s concurrent engineering process includes:

  • Regular interaction with engineering counterparts
  • Regular updates of electronic files and photos
  • Integrated Product Team environment
  • Unigraphics NX6 Design & Manufacturing
  • Tooling designed and manufactured on-site

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