An ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified Company

Non-Conventional Machining

Bomco currently operates four laser machining centers that are typically used in trimming operations where conventional methods are inefficient or inapplicable. All Bomco’s laser programming is performed in-house using the latest multi-axis programming software. The metallographic results of laser processing are studied in Bomco’s quality laboratory. When required, samples are sent to independent laboratories to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Laser Machining 6 axis CO2 Laser machining with 120x84x36 in. work envelope
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Bomco currently operates four state of the art 5-axis CNC High Speed Small Hole EDM machines. Each machine is capable of drilling consistent, fast, and precise holes in complex 3D components.
Industry/Source Approvals Pratt & Whitney Laser Beam Metal Removal (LBMR) per PWA 119, MCL , LCS
Pratt & Whitney Canada Laser Beam Metal Removal (LBMR) per CPW 350 (FC-43) per PWA 119
Parker Aerospace Group Laser Cutting per ES5-106 NC
Honeywell Aerospace Laser Beam Machining
General Electric Laser Machining, Drilling, & Cutting per P17TF2, P1TF78, P1TF10, S422
Rolls-Royce Process Approval Submitted Q1 2009
Industry Approvals (partial list) ISO 9001
AS 9100 Revision B
Accredited by Nadcap for SAE Aersopace AS 7003 Non-traditional Machining(Laser Cutting).

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