An ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified Company


Bomco’s joining capability is a significant component of the manufacturing process allowing the production of complex assemblies used in aerospace, gas turbine and land/marine equipment. The exhaust cone for a military jet engine (shown here) was joined using riveting, GTAW and resistance welding. Bomco is accredited by Nadcap for SAE Aerospace AS 7003 and AC 7110 for Welding (Resistance & Fusion). Bomco’s GTAW capability includes manual welding, automatic welding, and automatic circumferential welding.

  • Manual
  • Linear Automatic up to 40 in.
  • Circumferential Automatic up to 48 in.
  • Fully automated CNC 5-Axis
Compression Riveting Up to 3/16 in. diameter Nickel Alloys
Resistance Welding Tack and Spot Welding
Industry/Source Approvals Pratt & Whitney PWA 16, LCS, MCL
Pratt & Whitney Canada CPW 24-3 A & J (YC 03) per PWA 16
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne PWA 16, PWA 36180
General Electric Gas Shield Arc Welding per P8TF11, P8TF3, M50T1, MIL-T-5021, P21TF6, S391
Rolls-Royce RRC1, EPS 14530, EPS 14532, EIS 1200
Parker Aerospace Group AWS D17.1 “01”
Hamilton Sundstrand AWS D17.1
Honeywell Aerospace P6200 & 91547-P6200
Industry Approvals (partial list) ISO 9001
AS 9100 Revision B
Accredited by Nadcap for: 


  • SAE Aerospace AS 7003
  • AC 7110 for Welding (Resistance & Fusion)


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