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Standard Flange Mounted Moly-Quartz Seals

Standard Flange Mounted Moly-Quartz Seals

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In a very exacting process, Moly-Cup seal assemblies are TIG welded to specially prepared standard vacuum flanges. These assemblies are available with windows set perpendicular, at a specified angle or as straight tubulations, 100 percent tested for vacuum tightness. Windows will be supplied as commercial grade ground and polished synthetic quartz. Flatness is 10 waves and will be torch-fused, producing some edge distortion. Brewster windows are normally .100″ inch thick. Consult us directly for details. To aid in design, maximum bore through any transition will be approximately .100 inches less than the diameter of the Moly-Cup. Perpendicular windows are .06″ thick.

For maximum seal sizes that can be welded or brazed into standard knife-edge type vacuum flanges, see Seal Size table.

Part No. Cup Dia Flange Size List Price
B1127S 0.500 in 1.33 in $560.00
B1190S 0.750 in 2.75 in $715.00
B1254S 1.00 in 2.75 in $738.00
B1317S 1.25 in 2.75 in $868.00
B138IS 1.50 in 2.75 in $971.00
B1381S 1.50 in 3.375 in $1,011.00
B1413S 1.625 in 3.375 in $1,045.00
B1444S 1.750 in 3.375 in $1,080.00
B1508S 2.00 in 4.50 in $1,257.00


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